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Reporting + Analytics

Actionable Insights from
Forecasting & Attribution

We know that accurate forecasting and strategic data are essential for a business’s success. Because of that, we have created a seamless, automated reporting and analytics process so that you can see where your marketing dollars are going.

Marketing + Sales Funnel Reporting

Our advanced analytics technology lets us connect CRM data to your marketing data. We consolidate Google, Bing, and Facebook reporting to make it easier to see how your campaigns are running.

  • Online analytics dashboards, updated daily for your review
  • Integrated sales CRM and campaign attribution
  • End-to-end reporting that measures return on ad spend
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Lifetime Value Modeling

We help calculate the lifetime value (LTV) of your customers to demonstrate the future value from your marketing investment initiatives. This long-term measurement of returns can let you decide where to properly direct your marketing efforts.

  • Determine who your most valuable customers are over the long-run
  • Ensuring correct ad spend that yields long-term results
  • Target your most valuable customers when budget is tight
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Growth Scenario Forecasting

Data driven marketing reporting takes the guesswork out of forecasting. Using a mix of data—past and present—we work to accurately predict business growth based on particular marketing strategies.

  • Analytics that align with your goals, like a focus on top line growth
  • Expert paid search strategy that estimates goal achievement
  • Comprehensive, data reporting to forecast potential volume
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Ecommerce reporting + analytics

Our automated ecommerce reporting helps you use your product and order data at scale from the platforms where you sell, such as Amazon and Shopify. We streamline the analytics process so you can focus on interpreting insights and building a data-driven strategy rather than wrestling with data organization.

  • Measure and track sales trends, seasonal patterns, and performance over time
  • Understand how your products and product variants perform
  • Analyze pricing elasticity by products, brands, and verticals
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Our Process


We start with understanding your business.

Working directly with our account management team to understand your company’s marketing funnel, we’ll create optimized ads and landing pages that your target audience will click on. Our targeting process will help to ensure only high-value leads.


Next, we combine data from advertising platforms with your sales data to build full-funnel reporting and analytics.

We’ll pull marketing and sales data daily and input it into our reporting platform, so that both our team and yours have up-to-date, easy-to-understand performance insights.


Finally, we’ll use this data to find opportunities to optimize accounts toward your goals.

We review sales and marketing performance to ensure we’re meeting your goals. We’ll pinpoint opportunities to drive volume and improve profitability, helping you feel confident your dollars are being spent effectively.

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